Zo­kogva hív­ták sze­ret­te­i­ket az uta­sok: a le­ve­gő­ben hul­lott da­rab­ja­ira egy re­pü­lő­gép mo­torja

Szét­hul­lott a motor nem sok­kal a fel­szál­lás után.
  • Szerző: Ripost

A Frontier Airlines Floridába tartó repülőgépének motorja darabjaira hullott a levegőben, nem sokkal azután, hogy felszálltak Las Vegasban. Az utasok halálra rémültek, mindenki sikoltozni, majd telefonálni kezdett, hogy elbúcsúzhasson azoktól az emberektől, akiket szeret.


A 15 perces esetet videóval is megörökítették, a repülőgépnek pedig kényszerleszállást kellett végrehajtania. Az utasok először egy furcsa szagot éreztek, aztán az ablakon kipillantva rájöttek, hogy valami nem stimmel a repülő motorjával.

A gép végül sikeresen végre tudta hajtani a kényszerleszállást. A 166 utas és a hat tagból álló személyzet sem sérült meg.

Today is our 11 yr anniversary! And it will be a day we won’t soon forget. This morning Mandy and I boarded #frontierairlines flight 260 - nonstop service from Las Vegas to Tampa. We were sitting near the back. There were 170 passengers including twenty to thirty 10 year old boys and their coaches who were headed to Tampa to play for a national championship. And the moment we began to take off on the tarmac, I noticed a piece of metal that zipped right pass us which was definitely alarming. We then began to speed up just before take off when I heard a sound I will never forget. It was the sound of the entire middle section of passengers screaming, panicking, and banging walls trying to get the attention of the flight attendant. The right side of the engine cover literally began deteriorating piece by piece. And as the plane began to lift, more and more shards of metal paneling fell off. The flight attendant ran over to see all the commotion and then frantically ran to the back of the plane calling the captain to notify him and telling him there was even smoke. Some began to cry, some were yelling, and Mandy and I just clutched each other’s hands. Seeing the young kids in tears was hard. We didn’t know if these were the final minutes of our lives or what was going to happen. I texted my parents who were watching our own kids at home to tell them what was happening and that we loved them. We all began to pray for the pilot and then all we could do was wait. Needless to say, we made it back. There were ambulances and fire trucks and sirens following us as we made our way back to the terminal. It was definitely a sobering event to say the least. It was a wild 15 minutes in the air and then back down again with our adrenaline pumping and our hearts pounding. We never made it to Tampa, but we all made it off the plane injury free. A passenger we became friends with sent me this video he took. We hugged it out and parted ways. Last weekend we were celebrating our friend’s wedding, and 5 days later we’re grateful for another day. Happy anniversary @mandybpfeifer ! Haha.. that was insane! Glad it was your hand I got to hold  #frontierflight260

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